About Us: Company Profile

30 years of expertise shapes a great track record

For three decades, Asahi Agency has worked with a long list of satisfied clients, helping them to enter the Japanese market, grow their business and achieve success in a broad spectrum of fields, from golf clubs to sports cars, office seating to wild blueberries. Our expertise, insights and experience have been a critical factor in setting them on the road to success in the Japanese market.

Rich local access, broad international connections

Over the years, we have built a broad network of contacts, consultants and suppliers throughout Japan, which we can tap into to help our clients achieve their specific goals. From smart use of media and PR, and pro-active marketing to organizing events, we have the knowledge and resources to implement a tailored approach to the market for each of our clients.

At the same time, Asahi Agency has developed an international network, highlighted by our membership of Public Relations Organisation International, Inc. (PROI).

PROI Partners are business leaders and entrepreneurs and steeped in local culture, connected with the media and allied with influencers. PROI agencies choose to work together and their relationship is based on mutual respect, similar work cultures and shared philosophies. PROI agencies understand the demands facing our clients and the importance of return on investment. Clients may deal with one PROI agency but they have the reach of many. PROI helps clients communicate one-to-one and one-to-many, building reputations and shaping opinions. Customized programs combine geographical and business practice expertise and a broad range of services to support clients whose needs stretch across borders and continents. 

PROI agencies are the leading independents in 90 cities, 29 countries and five continents and they have worked together for 41 years, meet at least twice a year and exchange ideas and best practices. With combined fee billings of US$380+ million, more than 4,100 clients, and 3,200 staff, PROI is the largest partnership of independent market-leading agencies that combine their local knowledge to deliver global results. .PROI is found in the world's capitols and business centers, from London, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Tokyo to Beijing, Brussels, Dubai, Mumbai, Paris and Sao Paolo. For more information visit www.proi.com.

Rich experience blended with a fresh outlook

Yet even as we celebrate 30 years of helping international companies in Japan, we retain a fresh outlook. We’re proud of our young staff’s wide-ranging accomplishments and interests, and with the global trendsetting dynamics of Tokyo on our doorstep, new trends flow around us on a daily basis.